How It Works


Step 1 : Select a Gift Box

Think of the occasion or the person/people you want to gift the box. You will be gifting something truly special; experience. 

Objects deteriorate over time. Experiences last forever in the memory.

Choose from over a large collection of experience gift boxes. Do you have an idea of what kind of experience you would like to gift? Then find multiple options for your idea. If you think you need inspiration, simply browse through our growing collection of experiences!

Once you have decided on the kind of experience you want to give, head over to the package and choose “Add to Cart”. If you would like to gift multiple experiences, you can add them to your cart as well!


Step 2 : Add a personal message

Convey your feelings, emotions and wishes in a beautiful message. Let the recipient or recipients know that you care. Do not hesitate to be yourself!


Step 3 : Gift it!

After completing your payment, we will handle the rest! All you have to do is watch as people discover something new, experience something special and find themselves having an incredible time all because of you. 

Make it a special occasion for people.  

The guarantee against the loss and theft of the gift certificate as soon as it is registered on the personal space on