About Us

We created AmaGift with the intention to make gifting a truly special moment. We understood that material gifts simply do not last. They are always depreciating and can easily be replaced. They merely have a temporary gratification and usually do not have an emotional value attached to them. That is when we realized a few things: 

  • How can we give you the opportunity to gift someone who has everything?
  • How can you give something special to a person or people when you are tired of offering material gifts that have no emotional value at all?
  • What can you do when you do not want to simply spend hours choosing a gift?
  • More importantly, what happens when you are unsure of your gift or if it only disappoints the receiver?

We recognized these situations and found an answer in the most unlikely of places; experiences. You see, when you gift an experience, it is not just an activity. An experience is an emotion. It is discover, delight, wonder and moments all put together. When gifted, it becomes much more than a gift. It becomes a memory. It becomes a special bond between the sender and the receiver(s). 

An experience is a connection that says – “I truly care and I want the best for you.” 

Whether it is for a friend, a spouse, family, acquaintances or colleagues, experience is the best way to give something to someone in one of the most thoughtful ways imaginable. The best part is that there is no occasion that does not deserve an experience. We made sure we have unique set of offerings to match various moments. 

Birthdays, weddings, corporate events, special anniversaries, a spontaneous thank you between friends or close ones or simply to gift something special to someone visiting the country. Take any occasion and we have the gift for it. 

At AmaGift, we believe that life itself is a gift. So go ahead. Gift life to someone.